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Family fun | Whitewater rafting | Clackamas | Salem | Estacada | Portland | OR.

Family Fun  


The Best Family Adventure Vacations Are On The River! 

Nothing creates bonds and deepens friendships like family adventure vacations.

Northwest Whitewater Adventures' family rafting trips provide the perfect escape.  Discovering river history and folklore as well as the excitement of whitewater rafting, provides both fun and learning for the whole family.

Those of us at NWA who are parents and grandparents understand the importance of creating memorable, active family vacations for children and adults who want to share the most unforgettable fun-filled adventure as possible!

Fun For Families                                                                                                                                                                                                       

An adventure with NWA is great way to get everyone  in your family to unplug and reconnect. There's no comparison to the outdoor experiences you can have on NWA's family rafting trips. The video games, cell phones and emails don't stand a chance when compared to towering canyon walls and working together as a team to navigate some seriously fun whitewater. You'll all finish your day with huge smiles.