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(503) 380-1599 Oregon City, OR

Clackamas River McIver to Barton

Lower Clackamas River

3 Hour Experience
Expertise Level : Beginner

Just 40 minutes from Portland, the Clackamas River is one of Oregon's best-kept secrets. Join Northwest Whitewater Adventures as we team up with our friends at 

Milo McIver State Park

 to bring you a truly family friendly afternoon on the water. 

One hour on the river offers the opportunity to paddle as a team through three small rapids. Depending on flows class 2-3; the perfect introduction to rafting! By request, we can also bring inflatable kayaks if you need a break from the boat.

Our float ends at the beautiful Barton park. where your cars are parked.

Milo McIver boasts a world class 

disc golf 

course as well camping, and great hiking opportunities, so make a day of it!

Great for Kids